Laboratorium Kooperacji

Logo design for a series of meetings. After a success of their first public meeting guys from Laboratorium Kooperacji decided to start some new activities. They asked me to design a simple logo based on the poster that i've made for them earlier (you can also find it on this site), but i wasn't convinced to this idea. However, i made it the way they asked me to, but did not surrender. As an alternative version i've sent them another design based on my idea. Luckily for me, they liked it better.

The idea behind this one is quite simple. Laboratorium Kooperacji could be translated as 'Laboratory of co-operation' so i've decided to join the letters 'o' as if they were holding hands in sign of co-operation with each other. It also looks a litte like a chemical model, so can be associated with laboratory.

category: logo design

date: february 2014